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  •  Always Finish What You Start:  How to get laser focused on school work, business, chores, house work, or whatever you are doing!
Here's How We Help You...
  • Video Training: Your ADHD parenting videos are delivered immediately to you as they become available. Email notification, and available in our Member's Only Area.
  •  You will receive at least one video each week, sometimes more!
  •  Live Webinars: You will be invited to a Live Webinar event each month for more in-depth training from the staff at The ADHD Information Library. 
  •  Ask your own questions, and we will get you the answers - and maybe even make a video for other parents to learn from as well!
  •  Webinars are archived if you miss the Live event for you to watch later at your convenience in our Member's Area.
  • Member's Area: Receive access to our exclusive Member's Area where all of your products and purchases are stored. Here you can watch your "Success with ADHD" videos, recordings of the webinars, and also get bonus information from the ADHD Information Library.
  •  This is a 12 month Parent Training Program, but you can cancel at any time.
  •  Discover the causes of ADHD, and the different types - and the best treatments for each type.
  •  Learn new parenting skills, tips, and ideas to help your ADHD student - or spouse - be more successful in school, at work, at home, and in relationships.
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The ADHD Information Library 2017
The ADHD Information Library 2017